Video Production | Terms of Service

  1. Communication
    1. Consideration. GalacticDog Media Production requests that the Client be thoughtful, thorough, and prompt with their communication, which will generally consist of phone calls, meetings and email exchanges.
    2. Delays. Excessive delays in communication may be perceived by GalacticDog Media Production as either
      •  Implicit Project termination, which will incur associated costs (see “11. Termination” below)
      •  Excessive delay on feedback on Final Edited versions, may be perceived by GalacticDog Media Production as Project completion, and in turn will result receipt of Final Invoice and delivery of Final Edited versions as at the point of review.
    3. Point of Contact. GalacticDog requests a single point of contact for all feedback, reviews and exchanges. If multiple people are required to be involved in the Project, the Point of Contact must collate feedback and information and relay it to GalacticDog Media Production.
    4. Review Process. The Client will receive an online review link to the Frame IO platform. This will enable you to provide feedback on the Project at specific points. Requests and feedback exchanged through emails or other forms of communication, with timecode will not be acknowledged. 
  2.  Timelines. Client is responsible for providing any and all requested material(s) in a reasonable and timely manner, such that it does not hinder GalacticDog from completing the Project before the Project Delivery Date. GalacticDog Media Production is not responsible for delayed or missed deadlines due to client-specific delays.
  3. Copyright
    1. Project Material(s). Any material(s) Client provides for use in the Project must either be material(s) Client has created and has the appropriate copyright permission(s) to use and/or reproduce. GalacticDog Media Production will be not be held responsible for any copyright infringement claim(s) involving material(s) supplied for use by the Client, nor will GalacticDog Media Production be held responsible for any copyright infringement claim(s) that result from Client’s use or misuse of the Project at any time before or after Project completion. 
    2. Rights. Upon Project completion and payment, Client will own the rights to all recorded audio and video, graphics, animations and original music produced for them by GalacticDog and reserves the right to use these items in a manner consistent with the intended purpose(s) of the Project. Any original music produced for Client by GalacticDog or by any individual contracted by GalacticDog to contribute to the Project, may not be sold apart from the video for which it was produced. All project files created by GalacticDog will be considered the physical and intellectual property of GalacticDog. GalacticDog, and any or all individuals contracted by GalacticDog to contribute to the Project, maintain the right to share the completed Project, both in part and in whole, on the GalacticDog website and elsewhere, purely as a means of showcasing our work (this excludes cases where the Project contains sensitive and/or confidential information that has the potential to cause harm to Client if shared with the public). 
  4. Productions. GalacticDog schedules video shoots by the half-day or full day (every shoot is a 4-hour commitment, minimum). Shoots must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance and shoot cancellations must occur at least 48 hours prior to the shoot day. In the event that Client cancels a video shoot less than 48 hours before it was scheduled to begin, Client will be charged £150 per person scheduled per half-day.
    • A single-person 4-hour shoot would come with a £150 fee
    • A two-person full day shoot would come with a £600 fee. 
    • This is to help cover the costs of time spent planning, preparing, and packing for the video shoot, as well as other missed opportunities as a result of the canceled shoot. 
  5. Stock Media. All stock media (fonts, graphics, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, animation(s)) purchased for use in the Project by GalacticDog at request of Client will be added to the Estimated Project Cost. GalacticDog will discuss all costs with Client prior to purchase. 
  6. Revisions. Client is allowed two rounds of non-recursive changes within the project scope: 
    • Upon receiving a completed version one (v1) of the Project, Client has an opportunity to review the Project and to provide a Change List. 
    • Producer will complete the changes on the Change List (Revision 1) and provide Client with a version two (v2). 
    • Upon receiving version two (v2) the Client can request a further set of non-recursive changes (Revision 2) to the second version of the edited Project. 
    • With this, the Producer will amend the Project, version three (v3), at which point the Project is considered completed. 
    • Any additional changes requested by the Client that were not included in the previous Change Lists will be completed at rate of £60 per hour. GalacticDog will provide Client with an estimate of all additional costs before proceeding. 
  7. Scope.  Client may request that GalacticDog complete work that goes beyond the scope of the Project. Client will be charged a rate of £60 per hour for all work completed that goes beyond the scope of the Project —this includes any last minute requests for work that require Producer to deliver a next day or same day turnaround. GalacticDog will provide Client with an estimate of all additional costs before proceeding.
  8. Deliverables. Upon Project completion GalacticDog will provide Client with a link to download the final version of the Project. Additional digital formats can be requested and additional download links provided at no added cost. Project assets (audio and video files, graphics, animations, and music) produced by GalacticDog for the Project may be provided upon request at an additional cost. 
  9. Payments. Upon receiving the Project Invoice, the Client has 30 days to pay in full the Amount Due as listed on the Project Invoice. GalacticDog reserves the right to request a downpayment up to 50% of the Estimated Project Cost up front. In these cases, upon receiving the final Project Invoice Client will have 30 days to pay in full the Remaining Balance as listed on the final Project Invoice. GalacticDog may charge a late fee of £25 per day for every day beyond these 30 days. 
  10. Exclusivity. Client agrees that during the terms of this agreement, GalacticDog shall be the sole and exclusive provider of services and/or projects listed above. Client shall not, without GalacticDog’s written consent engage with any other party to provide the above services. In the event of any engagement will violate this section and GalacticDog shall be entitled to terminate this agreement (see “11. Termination” below)
  11. Termination. Client shall be the respected fees if any termination conditions are met: 
    1. If notice of Project termination is given in the first phase of the production schedule (Pre-Production stage), Client will be liable to GalacticDog for no less than 25% of the Estimated Project Total. 
    2. If notice of Project termination is given in the second phase of the production schedule, (Production) Client will be liable to GalacticDog for no less than 50% of the Estimated Project Total. 
    3. If notice of Project termination is given more than halfway through the production schedule, Client will be liable to GalacticDog for the full Estimated Project Cost. 
    4. Client shall pay to GalacticDog within 5 business days off the termination date all fees.
    5. Upon termination of this agreement, GalacticDog will return all materials owned or controlled by the Client.