FCPX 10.4 Announcement

For those that missed the news last week, Apple announced the next version of their non-linear editing application at the FCPX Creative Summit. The next version, 10.4, will be a huge step forward in what the application can already do, bringing native 360 degree video tools, improved colour correction and grading tools, including colour wheels, HSL curves, HDR support, improved LUT support, and much more.

The new colour tools include colour wheels, LUT support and HSL curves. Image by Peter Wiggins.

To read more about the new version and what is being released, please visit fcp.co to read their article on the new version. 

FCPX updated to version 10.4. Photo by Chris Fenwick.

Our Thoughts

We’re very excited to try out the new version of FCPX. It’s a cornerstone of our business and helps us bring our clients stories to life. These improvements only make the application stronger and more versatile.

Improved audio tools and collaboration would've been nice, however, I feel colour correction and controls are also in need of a long overdue update.

The feature film "Sustain" being edited in Final Cut Pro X

We’re currently deep in post production on the latest feature film, Sustain, which is being cut in Final Cut Pro X.

We’re working hard on getting the first draft completed, and with the news on 10.4 being released “later this year”, we can’t wait to use it’s improved colour correction tools on the feature and give it a good workout.

We've been able to use these kinds of colour tools inside of FCPX for a while, but only through 3rd party options. We're now getting a more complete and comprehensive way to colour grade and correct our stories. 

Something which I am personally looking forward to is the HSL colour curves, which is something I've wanted in FCPX for a few years now, and is my preferred way of correcting and grading.

Cutting one of the many reels in the feature film, "Sustain".

I am, however, one of those people that really loved the colour-board in FCPX. I felt it was a really intuitive way of understanding the way scopes and colour worked inside of video. I'm glad it's still around, but also very pleased that the area of colour is getting some love in 10.4

We’ll be updating as soon as it’s out and we’ll be getting our teeth deep into the features of the new version.